The Story

So one night on my rooftop, sipping wine, the Husband and I were discussing all of our beautiful, creative friends. Some are painters, designers, dancers, carpenters, photographers, philanthropists, stylists, entrepreneurs, musicians, DIVAS…the list goes on. It came to us that we know so many talented people in lots of different industries that work jobs that may or may not include these passions, and I wanted to write about them to tell their story.

Let’s think of the Cathleen like this: A place where there’s a mix (ahem, “soup”) of telling stories about my friends or things that I love (ahem, “donut”). Anyone who knows me knows I can’t say no to a delicious, mouthwatering pastry such as those heavenly round lifesaver delicacies. There’s nothing better than a maple bar, let me tell you. Yowza.
So pretty much this a place where I just talk about whatever I want!!!! :)

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